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BSB offers a variety of classes for you pre- and post-childbirth! Registration is required for each class, please call 716-681-8100 to register or to ask any questions. If the day/time a class is scheduled doesn’t work for you, please ask about booking a private class.


Insurance info: Blue Cross/Blue Shield (specific Wellness plans) will cover the following classes in full: Breastfeeding 101, Successful Pumping, Childbirth Education, Infant & Child CPR, Joy of Parenting, Baby Wearing and Sibling Preparation. 

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PRIVATE LACTATION CONSULTATION(Scheduled at your convenience!)  Consults are provided by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. We will schedule you within 2 hours of your call if needed. A personalized care plan will be provided to you and a copy of the chart will be sent to your pediatric office so that both facilities may work hand in hand for the best care possible. 24/7 phone service is available in case any further questions or issues arise. Unlimited follow ups are free of charge and scheduled at your convenience. An IBCLC is on site at all times to answer any questions you may have. 1 Hour Consult, Follow-ups are FREE!  Consults are scheduled at your convenience and can also be scheduled in your own home for an additional fee.  
CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION  The focus of this class will be preparing for labor, understanding your options, and having a toolkit of comfort measures! It is appropriate for first time couples or those looking for different options in their birth. Together we will discuss fears surrounding birth, the stages of labor, how to progress efficiently AND stay as comfortable as possible. We will explore things you can be doing NOW to prepare and have a smooth transition postpartum. When you fully understand your options, you can make confident decisions regarding your care! Taught by Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, Tara Whithey. Each class is a 3 week series.
BRADLEY METHOD OF NATURAL CHILDBIRTH In 10 weeks you will learn the essentials of pregnancy education, evidenced based and experience based methods of pain relief in childbirth, safe and effective exercises, nutrition for the pregnant mom and newborn basics. You and your partner, doula or husband will learn how to work together to achieve an intimate, empowering and enjoyable birthing experience. Monique is our experienced instructor. Visit to find out why thousands of women have been happily birthing their baby “the Bradley way” for over 40 years.
BREASTFEEDING 101 Useful tips, hints, tricks and facts about nursing your baby from the start in the hospital to coming home. Learning to nurse can be a challenge, but we’ll provide you with as much information as possible to give you a head start! Taught by our own Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Polly Thoman. Partners are encouraged to attend!
INFANT & CHILD CPR Join us to learn Infant and Child CPR, and basic first aid. Learn the cores of CPR to identify and help in an emergency in this introductory class (not a certification class).  Everything you need to know until professional help arrives! Taught by a Certified Paramedic/Instructor. Book a private CPR Party and invite friends and family.
SUCCESSFUL PUMPING & STORING Are you headed back to work after the birth of your baby or are you ready to “get your life back”? Learn how to pump for successful quantities of milk, basics of safe milk storage and introducing the bottle to your baby. Also, learn about New York State laws regarding breastfeeding and heading back to work.
JOY OF PARENTING A class that covers baby basics such as feeding, clothing, diapering & bathing your newborn as well as APGAR scores, development and milestones, safety and more!
SIBLING PREPARATION This class is designed for big brothers and sisters ages 18mos-5yrs. Together with their parents, they will learn how a newborn baby looks and sounds, how baby is cared for by mom and dad, what they can realistically expect to do with a young baby, how the baby will grow and how their relationship with the baby will change over the baby’s first year. We will practice with dolls, watch a short video, do a craft, and they will receive a graduation certificate!
BABY WEARING Babywearing Basics- There are many benefits to babywearing for both you and your baby. Learn about the different slings and wraps you can use to wear your baby or toddler. Discussion will include positioning for different carriers and ages. If you received a carrier at your shower, bring it along, or buy one after the class. This class is taught by Karen Goddard, a mother of four who couldn’t have done it without her sling! It includes a take home DVD (Tummy 2 Tummy) and information packet.
HOMEMADE BABY FOOD Making your own baby food is inexpensive and EASY!  Learn time saving tips and tricks from a mom who has done this through three children.  Also get tips on how to get your toddler to eat nutritious foods.
PRE- & POST-NATAL YOGA “How you approach birth is intimately connected with how you approach life.” In our pre and postnatal yoga, all are welcome, those that are expecting and those that have already had their babies. We will focus on the mind/body connection as you prepare for your journey into motherhood. With greater breath awareness, we an control the fluctuations of the mind, have a grater sense of intuition and confidence about what our body is capable of, and go deeper within. Our poses will focus on safety for mom and baby, softening and strengthening, pelvic floor awareness, mindful breathing, and meditation. There will be some time left after yoga for open conversation.
Baby Signs® Parent Workshop This one hour workshop is specially designed for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 24 months and will teach you how to begin using the Baby Signs® Program at home. Early childhood educators, parent educators, social workers and health specialists are also welcome to attend.We’ll cover: the history of the Baby Signs® Program,why we should use signs, when to start teaching signs, how to teach signs, and building your signing vocabulary
Sign, Say & Play® Classes The Sign, Say & Play® curriculum is a 6-week program of carefully crafted sequenced sessions developed especially for parents/caregivers and babies. By embedding the learning of signs in activities that can generally promote cognitive, social, language, literacy, and sensory-motor development, we are able to teach specific ways to provide the support in these areas that all babies need to make the most of their critical first three years.



More Sign, Say and Play® Classes available too!

Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™ This 4-week series of 45-minute interactive classes is designed for babies ages 2-6 months old. Come learn how to make tummy time fun for your little one through engaging songs, signs, and activities in a play-class setting.
OPTIONS FOR BIRTH & PLANNING Open to new parents or those looking for a refresher on options for writing a birth plan!

This class will cover a variety of topics including questions to ask when choosing or changing providers, options for labor and pain management, newborn procedures, considerations if the plan changes, writing your birth plan, cesarean considerations, and much more. Bring your partner and your questions! You will leave with an informational packet and the confidence you need to approach one of the biggest days of your life!

Please contact Melissa directly to sign up for this class at BSB at 716.566.8050 or register here.

CLOTH DIAPERING 101 Learn the how-to’s of Cloth Diapering, presented by Buffalo Baby Bums. To register or for more information, call Buffalo Baby Bums at 716-539-9297 or visit




Due to new NYS regulations, all Infant Massage classes are currently postponed. Stay tuned to our website/Facebook page/newsletter for updated information!

A NYS Licensed Infant Massage Therapist will be your guide as your learn the proper massage techniques for your little one to enhance your bond, their circulation and immune system as well as offer relief for gas & colic. Infant Massage is proven to have many health benefits for you and your baby. Please bring a towel to class! Taught by a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Infant Massage. Classes run for a series of 3 weeks.



~All students will be asked to sign a waiver stating that Baby’s Sweet Beginnings is not responsible for any damages to any person or property during any one class.

~Classes must be paid in full upon registering.  We accept cash, credit cards or checks.  You may register for a class over the phone if you provide your credit card number over the phone.

~Classes must be cancelled 5 business days (Monday through Friday) in advance to receive a refund, otherwise you will be given credit towards the same class ONLY.

~Baby’s Sweet Beginnings reserves the right to cancel any class due to lack of participants or instructor availability.  We will notify you of any changes.