BSB carries breastpumps for sale and rental to best suit your needs.  We carry eight brands of different brands of electric breastpumps for sale, starting at $155.99 (manual pumps retail for $34.99). Our newest brand is Bellema.

Not only do we carry pumps, but we carry parts for all major brands and provide cleaning and

Our great selection of pumps, parts and accessories.

refurbishing for breastpumps.  Very frequently we will get moms who call for us to check their suction or to clean their pump before they use it for their next baby.  We are happy to help you select the pump that will suit your needs the best.

We also work with the insurance companies (in network Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Independent Health) to help cover the cost of your pump.  Please be advised that a majority of insurance companies payments will be approximately $175.00 (most insurance companies negotiated contract prices that 100% coverage is approximately $175.00).  Please call the store for additional information.